An open and collaborative resource for inspiring greater diversity, equity & inclusion within the renewable and clean energy industry.

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DEI Playbook

Why This Matters

The transition to an economy powered by clean energy is under way. To actively drive the “just transition” and champion diversity, equity and inclusion we commit to action that elevates training and education, opens access to networks and resources, affords all stakeholders an equal political voice, shares and builds wealth for the communities in which we work, and elevates opportunities for every individual and community. Together, we will build a more resilient, efficient, sustainable and affordable energy future.
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Assess Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

With industry partners, we measure DEI progress across the clean energy industry. Publishing these benchmarks today helps us increase transparency and accountability, driving our members to establish transformative goals for a “just transition,” Renewables Forward analyzes DEI metrics within our members’ workforces, C-suites, management and Boards, extending soon to our vendors. We pledge to champion DEI across the clean energy industry, with empirical, data-driven goals.
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Develop & Share Corporate Policies and Resources

Renewables Forward leaders created the DEI Playbook, a powerful, comprehensive resource for corporate action. The DEI Playbook contains actional guidance for all companies in the renewables and clean energy industry. We continue to update the Playbook with operational action plans and individual DEI evaluation for member companies. Together, we are committed to concrete, scalable action to champion DEIJ in every part of our operations.
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Create a More Diverse Pipeline

Renewables Forward members act to invest in innovative training and apprenticeship programs and systems, emphasizing partnerships with communities integral to our business operations and supply chain partners, and near our assets and workplaces. We are transforming our talent pipelines intentionally to cover early education to mature career transitions, and to:
  • Increase access and opportunities for under-represented candidates;
  • Deliver sponsor-protégé programming to increase women- and minority-owned businesses within the renewable and clean energy industry; and
  • Build an industry-wide bridge between clean energy employers and minority-serving community colleges and universities
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Invest in Under-Resourced Communities

We are working collectively to invest in under-resourced communities with the goal of:
  • Delivering affordable solar and clean energy services to disadvantaged communities
  • Coordinating collective investments in educational, advocacy, community impact and fundraising activities for strong community representative organizations, such as the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, The Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Urban League.
  • Creating wealth-building programs for the disadvantaged communities near our workplaces and assets. These take many forms.
We prioritize community partnerships that empower communities with whom we work to define and own their energy futures.
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Recruitment Resources

Resources to help your team establish and grow a diverse talent pipeline.

Recruitment Strategies

How to improve diversity, equity, & inclusion through better recruitment.
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HR & Professional Development Resources

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a full team effort. These resources help to inspire discussion, reflection and action at the individual level for organizational transformation.

Assessment Tools

Effective action responds to the status quo. These tools measure your culture as it stands.
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Training Resources

A summary of the best resources for developing a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
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Societal Must-Reads

A collection of thought-provoking media to inspire discussion and  awareness.
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Impact Communities

Organizations to support and context on how our team is creating a culture of impact.
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About the Initiative

We're a coalition working to realize an equitable world, starting with the renewable and clean energy industry.
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