An open and collaborative resource for inspiring greater diversity, equity & inclusion within the renewable and clean energy industry.

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Why This Matters

Our diversity issue is not simply a hiring problem, but also an issue of education, access, political voice, environmental impact, community protection, and sustainability. We cannot commit to building a more resilient, efficient, sustainable, and affordable future without committing to addressing the inequities of the past and proactively building solutions that elevate opportunity for all of us.
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Assess Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are working with third-party consultants and renewable industry associations, such as SEIA, ESA, and the Solar Foundation to survey diversity and inclusion in the renewable and clean energy industry because we believe that transparency leads to accountability and will drive change. The assessment will include separate analyses of the field workforce, corporate staff, management, C-suite and board members in the renewable and clean energy industry. This is an industry funded effort with third-party validators.
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Develop & Share Corporate Policies and Resources

Our human resource and operational teams are working collectively to create a toolkit for our industry. We will be working with partners across the industry to educate one another and publish this toolkit for human resource and management professionals. Our intent is to create actionable guidance for all companies in renewable and clean energy industry, and effort with the specific goal of scalability and continuous change.
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Create a More Diverse Pipeline

We will outline: (1) the ecosystems of non-profits working to create more access and opportunities for under-represented candidates; (2) minority-owned businesses within the renewable and clean energy industry; and (3) build an industry-wide bridge between minority and under-resourced communities in universities and historically black colleges and universities.

To begin with, we are working with The Urban Alliance, based in the DC Metro area, that is focused on developing access and opportunities for local high-school students and actively seeking new employer partner organizations nationwide.
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Invest in Under-Resourced Communities

We are working collectively to invest in under-resourced communities, and as a first step have focused on African American communities with the goal of expanding to focus on a broader set of impacts to communities and groups like the Latino communities, Native American communities and women. Initially, the group has coordinated an educational, advocacy, community impact and fundraising effort to support the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, The Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Urban League that now totals in excess of $200,000. We are also prioritizing providing affordable solar services to these communities.
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Recruitment Resources

Resources to help your team establish and grow a diverse talent pipeline.

Recruitment Strategies

How to improve diversity, equity, & inclusion through better recruitment.
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Women & Minorities in Energy

A spotlight on some of the movers and shakers of our industry.
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HBCU Database

A summary of historically diverse colleges producing incredible talent.
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HR & Professional Development Resources

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a full team effort. These resources help to inspire discussion, reflection and action at the individual level for organizational transformation.

Assessment Tools

Effective action responds to the status quo. These tools measure your culture as it stands.
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Training Resources

A summary of the best resources for developing a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
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Societal Must-Reads

A collection of thought-provoking media to inspire discussion and  awareness.
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Impact Communities

Organizations to support and context on how our team is creating a culture of impact.
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The Women & Minority-Owned Business Database

Expand your network with this list of women and minority-owned partners.

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About the Initiative

We're a coalition working to realize an equitable world, starting with the renewable and clean energy industry.
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