Renewables Forward was founded in 2020 to intentionally address historic economic and social inequities. We commit to taking action within our own industry and companies to champion a new system of diversity, equity and inclusion that elevates opportunities for all and delivers a just energy transition.

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Our Goal...

Share Experiences
Evaluate best practices
Lead Change

We commit to working together to create a transformation in the clean energy industry for education and pipeline support, hiring, workplace justice, organizational structures and our networks of Boards, Advisors, vendors and suppliers.

Together, we commit to these changes, driving a larger industry-wide partnership between CEOs and organizations.
The initial framework is simple and includes commitments to act on four core principles:

Assess diversity and inclusion

in our industry to raise awareness around inequality and benchmark progress toward a more diverse and inclusive industry

Develop and share corporate practices and policies

for a consistent drive toward increasing diversity and inclusion within our companies and the industry

Create a more diverse and inclusive pipeline

of candidates in the renewable and clean energy industry

Invest in the under-resourced and minority communities

in which we work.

We will lead with integrity, act decisively, with intention, and measure our progress to hold each other and our industry accountable to the generations that follow.

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