How to Start

These steps can help to catalyze corporate diversity and inclusion efforts.

Now Let’s Do the Work

5 Concrete Ways Executives & Teams Can Address Diversity & Inclusion

1. Collaborate With Your Team

A. Create a Diversity and Inclusion Team within your company
B. Create a Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement with your employees to identify immediate steps and long-term goals
C. Listen, learn, and collaborate

2. Work With HR to Create a More Inclusive Environment and Diverse Pipeline of Candidates

A. Develop resources with your HR Team
B. Create forums to allow cross-company dialogues, like book, movie, and article clubs to discuss diversity and inclusion
C. Assign reading materials to your staff and executive team
D. Ensure your HR team has reached out to Historically Black Colleges and Universities to actively originate candidates and develop relationships
E. Ensure you’re using up-to-date practices as you approach hiring

3. Train & Inform Your Broader Team

A. Realize we are not perfect and commit to training all of your employees in unconscious bias training
B. Commit to an annual diversity and inclusion survey

4. Prioritize Work With Minority Owned & Women Owned Businesses

A. Develop a relationship with a more diverse set of industry partners
B. Work with other renewable energy companies to better source and identify minority owned and women owned businesses

5. Donate & Contribute

A. Create an employee matching program for charitable gifts
B. Find organizations that match your values
C. Engage with those organizations and continue learning
D. Add organizations that you think others might be interested in